A week of links

Links this week:

  1. Robert Shiller on the rationality debate.
  2. More macro wars.
  3. “Adam” wasn’t necessarily human.
  4. Eric Crampton on free-range kids.
  5. And finally, one of my favourite surf clips from last year – I’d love to see someone paddling this wave:


  1. says

    People still balance check books? Can’t remember the last time I wrote a check. First link,

    Mr. Sims’s argument suggests that it may be rational for busy people not to balance their checkbooks if they feel they don’t have the time, though they know they will make mistakes as a result.

    But if people feel that the work of balancing a checkbook is just too unpleasant, it’s less obvious how to classify their behavior. Some kinds of inattention are even harder to categorize. What about people who decide they don’t have the time to read the news thoughtfully enough to consider whether they will buy a house during a boom, and thus make decisions based on nothing more than hearsay and emotions?

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